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HoverRace is the FIRST abandon-ware game designed solely for INTERNET multiplayer fun!  It is an original, multi-player racing game specially designed to be played over a network. Your goal is to be the first to drive your turbine engine-propelled hovercraft to the finish line.

Like in a steeplechase, you will have to leap over rivers and avoid other obstacles.  You will also have to make some strategic choices, because HoverRace tracks offer more than one optimal line...

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Race up to seven other Internet players in this thrilling bumper-to-bumper packed game. Your goal? Simple. Drive flat out and finish first! You skid, bounce, bump and jump on a track full of obstacles, trying to obliterate your opponents as you go along. You will have to use your mines and missiles to slow your opponents down -- although you cannot win by blasting your opponents, you will have to use your wit to finish ahead of the pack.


Review by a leading web-site...
"HoverRace is an abandon-ware, a free 3D online racing game. The aim is simple. You are put in a hovercraft, of which there are four different types. You then proceed to race around in tracks, with up to seven other opponents for as many laps as you want. Game play is varied with different tracks, plus the ability to 'war' (with missiles), just plain racing, or a mix of both.

The game is pretty challenging master. As this is a momentum based game, you must know the exact right time to turn, or else you will crash into a wall or go wide. Usually, by just asking around, a pro will be more than happy to help you learn the basics so that you can at least be within five seconds of the pros in the basic tracks. It is those last five seconds that will be an extreme pain to shave off. Only constant racing, either offline by yourself, or against much better players will help you reach the higher levels.

The game play is pretty ok. There are the basic left, right and move forward keys. You also have the ability to jump, and the ability to fire a rocket up someone's ass if they dare try to cut you off. The game itself can get pretty fast paced, but it is sort of monotonous. Only the fact that you keep getting your ass kicked and will want revenge will keep you coming back.

The forum of this game is about the second worse. Of the two popular ones, one of them is constantly bombarded with porn pictures. In fact, someone had spread a version of the game that had porn banners on its bottom. Otherwise, the forums are pretty dead. Since the game is abandon ware, not much is happening with it. On the bright side, people are building IMRs (where the races actually take place) to make them a lot more flexible.

The game's communication facilities are horrible, be it in the IMR which has a chat system that is worse than a perl based auto-refreshing chat (the lag is about 2-10 seconds between each message). Inside the game, since you use Shift to accelerate, typing in symbols such as :-) just can't be done. Over looking those though, when warring inside a game, the chat can become a lot of fun as you mock the person u just blew away with your fat bomb.

The game itself is surprisingly fun. As a newbie, you want to constantly shave those extra 1/10th of a second off your time. When you finally achieve a time under 20s in the ClassicH race track, the most basic of all, you cannot help feel that you are no longer a newbie and have entered the legions of players (the game itself is five years old, yet it is still around). Seeing yourself in the top 10 of any track in the online scoreboard gives you the right to brag. Plus, there is the ability to make your own race tracks.

There are over 500 race tracks readily available to download. One of them, The Toilet, would have you race down into a toilet and come out on the other side. You can also take pit stops to fuel up (important in long lap races), and pick up 'cans' that give you a speed boost. Also, since this is mainly racing, lag is not much of a factor.

Overall, the game is worth the (relatively) small download. Aside from the most pitiful forum and the horrendous implementation of chat, the actual racing inside the game makes up for all the shortcomings."

Ratings: (scale 1-10)
Graphics: 6
Challenge: 9.5
Game Play: 8.5
Game play Speed: 8.0
Forum: 2
Communication: 3.5
the 'Fun' Factor: 9.5
Overall: 8.5