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Track Detail
Track Creator:  S 
Track Name: [Downloads]
Balls To This[1-1666] [1638]
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Creator Comments
A new breed of sport.... GOLF!... well, I've done this before but only ever completed two holes, then lost the .tr.

Now it's a year or so later, and after blowing hot and cold on this track I've finally finished it up and it's ready for release.

It is a Par 67 course, of unknown yardage. The first 9 is more of a traditional style of golf; a fairway, bunkers, water hazards and inflating columns as trees/bushes. The back 9 is of a crazy golf style, sometimes completely random , but still golf all the same.

The concept is that the ball (CX), sits on the tee, the player (BI) takes a shot. The player lets the CX stop, and then takes his 2nd shot. This process continues until he gets the ball into the hole.


However, there are obstacles and hazards for which penalties can apply.

The Rules

You must let the ball stop before hitting another shot.

If the ball drops in water, the ball is placed on the closest checkered marker (drop zone), and a shot is added on. EG. A player takes shot number 1, and lands in the water, the ball goes to the checkered drop zone and the player takes his next shot, which is his 3rd, he lands in the water again, the ball returns to the drop zone once more, and now it's his 5th shot. Hopefully you understand.

If the ball lands in the yellow holes (sand), it is a free drop on the checkered drop zone provided. EG. Shot 1 into the bunker, the ball goes to the drop zone, and shot 2 is played from there.

Hole Descriptions

Hole 1 (Par 3)

A raised up tee hitting onto a island which is surrounded by water. A short fairway to a small green.

Hole 2 (Par 4)

A straight forward hole, just a case of aiming down the fairway, there is a water hazard to the right side of the green.

Hole 3 (Par 4)

A dogleg which goes left after the first shot. Then straight down towards a big green with two bunkers on approach either side of the green.

Hole 4 (Par 3)

A straight hole over a bridge water hazard, a marker can be seen from the tee to show where to aim.

Hole 5 (Par 5)

The first par 5 of the course, a double dogleg, first shot over a small hazard of water either side of the fairway, second shot going through both the left and right turn in the dogleg, and the finale of a shot to the green, with a bunker on the right side as you approach.

Hole 6 (Par 4)

A waterfall passes down the left side, after aiming down the middle of the upper tier of the fairway, you have a huge drop right over a stream to the second half of the hole, up to the green.

Hole 7 (Par 4)

A hole that almost is a U bend. The first shot will get you to the end of the U, and then you're aiming up to a green with a bunker on the left side. There is a water hazard at the end of the U so be careful not to overhit your first shot.

Hole 8 (Par 5)

A canyon prooves an obstacle on this hole, the difficulty is aiming down the middle of the canyon to get through, otherwise the hole is straightforward.

Hole 9 (Par 3)

A nice hole to finish the first 9, a simple shot down the middle, bringing you up to a hole surrounded by water on the right side.

Hole 10 (Par 4)

A fairly interesting hole, you have a long straight with a few inflating columns on either side, then a selection of 3 routes, two around the side of the building, one through the middle. You have to deflate the columns to get it through, but it's VERY HARD. The green is located around the other side.

Hole 11 (Par 2)

A par 2? It is a tiny hole, you have to hit the ball just right to get a hole in one, as you are 36 units above the tee (if any of you know about track making, you'll know thats ALOT), otherwise it should be an easy par.

Hole 12 (Par 3)

Another U turn of a hole, but with a sneaky shortcut. There is a longer route around what looks like a tower, or you can alternatively knock down the inflating column blocking the base of the tower, and shoot through the gap to have a chance for a birdie.

Hole 13 (Par 4)

This hole is symmetrical, two routes zigzagging over itself in an X shape before reaching a large green.

Hole 14 (Par 5)

The second to last par 5 on this course. It is very crazy golf style, with a lot of 45 degree walls to play around until you reach the large green, but be careful of the waterfall thats river is going around the back of the green.

Hole 15 (Par 3)

This is probably the only hole which doesn't resemble golf in any way. The idea behind this is its an archery style target. You are on a raised tee, and you are aiming for a bullseye style target (which has tiny walls to keep you inside the rings). You have one shot, you score as follow if you land in the...

RED : 1 shot (hole in one)
YELLOW : 2 shots (birdie)
GREEN : 3 shots (par)
BLUE : 4 shots (bogey)
CHECKERS: 5 shots (double-bogey)

Hole 16 (Par 3)

A speed zone is what you will use to propell the ball down a long LONG straight to the green. The only thing is, you have to aim straight, otherwise the ball will fall in the water to the side of the fairway. If you hit the green, you will not come off it as it is lowered down. It will then be the luck of the draw whether you get a hole in one or not .

Hole 17 (Par 5)

The last par 5, a bunch of 9 islands joined by bridges, laid out in a 3x3 fashion, the tee and the green being in opposite corners. All islands have 4 bridges (one for each side), so it is up to you how you approach. Amazingly, you COULD get it in in 2, but then again, the shot is almost impossible.

Hole 18 (Par 3)

The last hole, another speed zone to propell your ball, but this time, there is two lines of inflating columns to slow your ball down, then followed by 3 routes to the green, completely randomised by the bouncing off of the inflating columns. The player can take the route to the right side labelled "Bi" as it is most likely he'll see his ball get onto the green at some point.

And that's it folks.

The course is a Par 67 like I say, (35 on the front 9, 32 on the back 9), and you'll have done very well to come close to that par score.

I hope you enjoy the course as much as I've enjoyed making it.
User Comments (First to last)
Ranger says: 24th of December, 2006
This is so much fun to play! It's obvious that a lot of hard work went into this, and as a result, this is one of the most fun tracks out there. A very original idea and perfectly executed.
Igglybob says: 24th of December, 2006
This track is huge. The work that must have gone into designing and making it is, to say the least, a lot. I seem to remember the original idea for it came up about a year or two before the track was actually finished.

Even though I haven't actually played the sport (I was a ball), it looks to be a ton of fun, although it can be a bit slow at times. Patience is required.

The original ideas of each of the holes, I think, is genius. Nice work Austin, you prove time and time again that you're one of the best track designers this game has ever seen.
Austin says: 4th of April, 2007
Whenever I read these comments I never fail to smile, thank you very much guys it means a lot to me !!!
LuigiKid says: 25th of May, 2007
This is a fantastic idea for a track, and the golf idea is really fun. It can be a little difficult (And a bit long ) but the rest is great. Just a few questions:

1. How on earth did you get those other craft near the start
2.What the heck are they for anyway?
3. Is there a way of going down that long checkered passage?
4.Have you made any other courses?
Ok, that's all. Again, nice course.

P.S Your tracks are always the best I've ever seen!
samu says: 6th of June, 2007
The first golf track ever
Austin says: 24th of June, 2007
LuigiKid, to answer your questions.

1. I edited the temporary file and used the item number which corresponded to the dummy craft.
2. They are to give the illusion of there being cars parked there.
3. No you cannot, it's supposedly a road to the course.
4. This is the only golf course I have made.
Castro says: 24th of June, 2007
Very interesting idea, i think i liked it.
gonzo930 says: 27th of June, 2007
If i could give a platum award i would. this is the coolest track i have ever seen in this game. If you ever make anthor one let us know. the only question i have is that you say that you hit a ball but i never found a ball in the map.... were is it?
Austin says: 28th of June, 2007
Gonzo, the idea of a "ball" is having somebody sit as the CX craft, you hit an actual player who sits still and counts your score for you. Try and find a volunteer !
gonzo930 says: 28th of June, 2007
ahh thank you austin now i can playit properly
Zooz says: 29th of June, 2007
Why did i not award it yet? It's a full size, greatly made golf track, what more is there to say? ^^
caster2 says: 18th of July, 2007
I need to ask you 2 questions.
1. Why isen't it leting me play this course?
2. Why won't it let me load my level on this website?
caster2 says: 19th of July, 2007
YAY!!! I know how to make it work!!! *Dances*
dsatterlee says: 13th of December, 2007
how do u start to play
Pipinpower says: 6th of April, 2009
That's Neat for a track! But, I don't get how you could pretend a hovercraft is a Ball!
Geo Cloaking says: 8th of May, 2010
It is a creative track for hoverrace, i only have a dude, and that question is How is possible win in this game playing like golf...

Anyway, is a great idea, and is fun.


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